Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggcellent Uses For Easter Eggcess

So Easter is over, and you have bowls full of colored hard-boiled eggs, or Tupperware full of uncooked eggs from blowing eggs out to decorate them. What can you do with this embarrassment of riches?

Uncooked eggs can be stored covered for 2-3 days in the refrigerator before use. Some recipes which use a lot of eggs include omelets, french toast, flan or custard, homemade mayonnaise, quiche and souffle. Cakes made from scratch also use a lot of eggs. You may be wondering how you measure out a specific number of eggs when they are all cracked together in the bowl. One large egg is about 1/4 cup, or 4 TBSP, so you would mix the eggs up thoroughly and then measure.

Hard-boiled eggs are equally versatile. Although it is not safe to store them at room temperature for more than two hours, they can be stored up to a week in the refrigerator. If you are not going to use them within a week, you can chop them and freeze them in freezer bags. After thawing in the fridge, they are fine to use in egg salad or as a salad topping. I usually make egg salad or deviled eggs out of my leftovers, or slice them on a salad. Some people like to pickle them. There is even an Indian recipe for curried eggs !

Now that you have a few ideas for using up all those eggs, what about the shells? Egg shells can be composted, or if you don't have a compost pile, you can simply crush them and sprinkle them around the base of plants to keep slugs and snails away. When left relatively whole, they make good tiny starter pots for seeds. Just plant the whole thing once it sprouts! Another use for them is to clear drains. Crush them as finely as possible and let them sit in the sink drain basket. Every time you run the water, a few will go down the drain. They act as an abrasive, and over time will keep your drains running smoothly. They are also good for removing tea stains from tea pots or thermoses. Leave crushed shells overnight in a dampened pot. The next day, add water, swirl and rinse. Your stains will have disappeared! I have even seen pretty mosaics pictures made out of the colored shells!

What are your favorite use-'em-up tips for eggs? I'm always looking for some fresh ideas!


Anonymous said...

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Betsy Bargain said...

Glad you got eggcited about it, Anon!

ZenGirl said...


These are excellent ideas. Although our family we do not eat or use real eggs, this will be so useful to those who do.

I have not on net much with kids and us being sick. But now getting better. Hope you and bargain guy are keeping healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hard boiled eggs are yummy in potatoe salad too!

Betsy Bargain said...

Zengirl, I hope you and Zenguy and your kids had a nice egg-free Easter and you are all feeling much better!

Betsy Bargain said...

You're right, Anon! They are good in macaroni salad too!